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July 22, 2021

I walked into the hospital room, and met Maxine for the first time, a softly spoken woman with a beautiful smile. She was cradling a precious bundle of sleepy newborn.

As a Heartfelt photographer, I feel extremely privileged to photograph Maxine and her baby Marvin. In Maxine’s own words:

“Marvin is our rainbow baby. And after such storms he came into the world wonderfully and fearfully made.”

Indeed, Marvin is wonderfully made! I am completely in love with his tiny toes.

And look at his marvellous little fingers!

I am so in awe.

Maxine was experiencing a high risk pregnancy. She flew interstate to a bigger hospital and remained on bedrest for several months.

This beautiful woman has been on a long journey. By the grace of God, she was rewarded with a miracle rainbow baby boy, a precious long-awaited gift. Heaven knows how she survived emotionally after TWO separate angel babies went to heaven too soon.

Marvin was born early at 34 weeks, and is perfect in every way.

Thank you Maxine for allowing me the privilege of meeting you and Marvin. I loved hearing your story. I wish you and your family so much love and joy.

Claire x

  1. Deb says:

    Beautiful photos Claiire x

  2. Jess says:

    Photos and so special Claiire! He is gorgeous! What a miracle!

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