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Birthday party? I’m coming!
Year 12 Portrait? A forever gift specially tailored for your teen. 
Young entrepreneur? Contemporary headshots & branding are my thing too. 

Everything I do is rooted in a deep desire to create a legacy. So welcome, my friend, and I hope to serve you soon. 

Hi, I’m so glad you found my online home.

My NAME IS Claire.

I’m the photographer who believes every young person is a precious gift. 

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tiffany wells

"Hi Claire, you made the entire experience amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and we are so grateful for your work!"

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Theresa Nguyen

"Hi Claire, I just want to say the photos are beautiful!!!!!! I am super happy! You will be our photographer from now on Claire!!!!"

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Ashleigh ROSE

"Thanks Claire!! Thank you so much. It was such an easy experience and thank you for taking the time to come along!! These memories will be greatly appreciated for many years to come!"

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I delight in photographing everything to do with children and young people. 

I also enjoy working with businesses doing headshots & business branding. 

It brings me great JOY to serve you. 

I've loved photography since I was 12 years old! My delightful high school friends were my first "clients". 

When I grew up, my love for photography was put aside in favour of a professional career.

Motherhood re-ignited my passion for photography. Now I have three beautiful teenagers! 

MUM of three teenagers,

I'm Claire

Thank you!

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